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Being a Metaphysical Geek

Being a Metaphysical Geek

I’ve always been a geek. And by that I mean that when I’m interested or intriqued or curious about something, or if I resonate with something, I dive into it and try to learn as much about it as possible, perhaps even experience as much as possible. I do not limit my geekiness to any specific topic as is usually associated with ‘geekdom’, like science fiction and fantasy, comic books, etc. – ‘geek’ is a state of mind, not a specific manifestation.

I’m a geek about metaphysics. I have great interest and curiosity about metaphysics, consciousness, reality creation, and similar areas, and I like applying analytical thinking to these concepts and experiences to help further my understanding. To be clear, this is way beyond the ‘what is true or not’ process of applying conventional thinking to experiences beyond the current mass belief system. To my thinking, the only result of that avenue is that it’s completely subjective and dynamic for each person, rendering the attempt itself moot, and raising even more, and hopefully better, questions as a result.

Questions always lead to more questions, and that’s especially obvious within the apparent boundlessness of consciousness and existence. There may be platforms of thought along the way where you’ll rest for a while in your understanding, but then you’ll ask more questions and start moving along again. If there are too many answers are presented, and not enough questions being asked, yup, start walking.

What do you know about who you are, how you think and why you think the things you do? How does what you see around you in physical reality corrolate with your expectations of it? What are emotions and how are they communicating with you? If you’ve ever had a dream where you felt completely awake and aware, did you end up dismissing it and going about your usual day or did you wonder how that *is*?

So. I don’t know yet what this website is or will be, but I’ve put some words together that I’m happy with for now. We shall see!