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Mirror of Self-Acceptance

Mirror of Self-Acceptance

There are similarities and difference between being a geek about a science fiction show, and being a geek about metaphysics and reality creation. If you’re a geek about a sci-fi show, you’ll get the same weird looks from people who aren’t, and they’ll mostly just shrug and move on these days. This was probably a little more challenging in the early days of sci-fi, for instance, when many people didn’t even know what it was! But since it has become a known quantity, thanks to shows like The Big Bang Theory, it’s no longer such a threat – it’s easily set into its own box in the mind.

From my perspective right now, the difference is that if you tell people who aren’t into metaphysics that you believe that you are a multi-dimensional being and that you create your own reality, you’ll still get some weird looks, but there’s the added weight of being considered absolutely nuts as well.

Of course, as a metaphysical geek, I have to point out that I feel this way because I did not grow up in an environment that supported expanded ideas of the self, metaphysical realities, reality creation, or even things like talking about dreams, so I understand that there’s a belief there about “crossing the line” fully into crazy land from conventional mass reality. At least, that’s how I, apparently, decided to set things up for myself when I came into physical reality. I suppose I could have chosen parents that were already into this sort of thing, or even chosen an entire planet that accepted we are all spiritual beings creating our own realities in the physical. But I didn’t. So I acknowledge that not everyone has this type of challenge.

Since physical reality is a reflection of my own INNER landscape, the more I fully accept that I am a conscious creator, and become comfortable with it to whatever extent I do, the more that sense of acceptance is mirrored around me in my experience. This makes perfect sense if you take the sci-fi example from earlier – at first, perhaps in the 1950’s, it was a very odd thing to like and not well-known. But after a few generations, and more and more people accepting and liking it, it has become essentially mainstream now.

Perhaps metaphsyics and consciousness and reality creation are the new ‘weird’ now.

Another related thing I’ve had to deal with is the anger and frustration I’ve had about being told “this is how the REAL world works – not YOUR way”. It was told to me in the manner of trying to teach, of course, not to be mean, with constant ‘correction’. The anger and frustration of not being able to be all of who you really knew you were and having to try to live within the rules that your parents and society show you. It’s a good thing now to see this for what it is, and release the anger that had become my ‘vibe’ in this area, and making space for my real vibe – finally.