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What If We’re NOT Here To Help Others

What If We’re NOT Here To Help Others

Don’t get me wrong, I think helping others is a great thing. But I don’t think it’s the base level of motivation. For instance, what if we’re here to follow our hearts, to follow our impulses, to flow with our own energy. And what if that is what appears in physical reality as looking like “helping others” sometimes…. and sometimes it doesn’t.

For instance, what if your deepest desire is to make art, or to be an accountant? You COULD look at either of those as ‘helping others’ in various ways, but it might take a bit of rationalizing. Does getting paid for what you dearly love to do still count as ‘helping others’? What if you spend 8+ hours a day in a sales job where you enjoy hooking people up with things they are wanting to resell? If the other person believes it’s helping them, if only financially, is that ‘helping others’? Or if you spend 8+ hours at a job that MAY help others but are then too tired to do much of anything else except read a book and pet your cat?

My issue behind this is that when I hear ‘helping others’ or ‘service to others’, I think of everyone running around focusing on what they think everyone ELSE wants. Which, yes, is a skewed view of the term. But it always made me cringe, because a larger part of me connected with following our impulses, flowing with our own energy ideas instead, which then, as you’re acting in alignment with your Higher Self / Source, ends up also adding to the quality of life of those around you in some way, at the same time.

Maybe it’s our physical reality focused minds who look out and see the effect we are having in the world around us. Just as long as we don’t leave our prime motivation behind and think the effect is the important part, out there in physical reality.

Anyway, just a few thoughts, since I haven’t posted in a long time – but I’m still here!